Opening on Thursday 27/06/19
Exhibition lasts 27/06/19 – 13/07/19
Open Thu to Sat 17:00 – 19:00

NOTE: Due to the content of the exhibition minors should be accompanied by an adult person

The paintings of Christoph Srb excessively explore different modes of representation. In his series “Denotat”, “Bild Geben” or “Bodyscan” he questions pre – determined ways of image generation and how they emerge and connect with social practices. Turning the process of painting into exploration he targets the border where artistic representation and the objects given in it become indistinguishable. Thus provoking a hallucinatory reaction in the eye of the spectator.  By establishing references to medical practices or disturbing sequences of movies by Fassbinder he unveils cultural production as a hybrid process.

In this exhibition two key positions of his work – the references to movies and his passionate interest in architecture – are combined and accompanied by new elements. A special drink will be served and two installations will allow a space experience to the visitors. This provocation of synaesthetic sensations will lead them to psychedelic experience and marks at the same time a new step in the art of Christoph Srb. © boris manner, 2019