an exhibition with

Elisabeth Grübl
Michele Spanghero
Gerald Straub
Gerald Zahn

curated by Michael Scott Hall

NAKED presents works which overcome space and time through their essential nature and their relation to the context of a given architectural condition. As this is a premier exhibition in a newly renovated space – we wanted to introduce the space and it’s architectural conditions gradually. By inviting a diverse selection of artists who approach not only architecture – but the conditions or expectations of an exhibition program. The individual works use installation, sound, video, performance to contaminate the pureness of the space leaving traces, black holes which connect to different spaces in different times.
Opening Friday 26. January 2018,  19:00h

Public program
Monday 29th Gerald Straub Sprechstunden 17:00 to 19:00
Gerald Zahn Screening „The Gallery | Die Galerie“ at 19:00

the opening is supported by
EULE Koffeinbier, Kalê Kräuterlikör aus Wien und Bio-Faire T-Shirts Druck



Since 2010, hoelb/hoeb (Barbara Hölbing/Mario Höber) work together with a transdisciplinary team of artists, cultural theorists, scientists, researchers of inclusion and people in social careers. Their artistic test arrangement always follow a spatial dramaturgy, which offers a change in perspective to the visitors, so to reflect personal experiences of loss and exclusion. With the project „close link“ (2013) at steirischer herbst, hoelb/hoeb examined relationships of closeness, rooms and daily actions in reference to patients in vegetative state and to persons with severe impairments. Through their Project LOST_INN (2017), the IG-V (International Society for Loss) was presented. It was founded by hoelb/hoeb together with their partners in culture science, hospice, grief counselling and funeral care as a logical consequence of their transdisciplinary research. The establishment of this society will be a future focus point of the artist duo.

Elisabeth Grübl
Die Arbeiten umfassen Installationen im Innen- und Außenraum, Video-, Laser- und Soundarbeiten, Computeranimationen, interaktive Installationen, kontextbezogene Arbeiten, Konzepte, Fotos und Objekte. Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Wien, bei Prof. Bruno Gironcoli. Postgraduatestudium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Helsinki, Media Department bei Lauri Antila und Oliver Whitehead. Längere Auslandsaufenthalte und Ausstellungen in New York, London, Helsinki, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Paris, Rom, Budapest, Prag, Luxemburg, Bratislava, Budweis, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Alghero und Havanna.
In Österreich unter anderen Ausstellungen in der Secession Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien, MAK Wien, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz, Kunsthalle Krems, Salzburger Kunstverein.
Lebt und arbeitet in Wien.

Michele Spanghero 
His artistic activity ranges between the fields of music and sound art to photographic research, focusing on the relation between space and perception. Spanghero received the mention as “Best Young Italian Artist for 2016” according to Artribune magazine. He has exhibited his works in various international venues such as Darb 1718 Center (Cairo, Egypt), Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul, Turkey), MAGASIN Centre National d’Art Contemporain (Grenoble, France), Ars Electronica festival (Linz, Austria), Stroom Foundation (The Hague, The Netherland), Festival Tina-B (Prague, Czech Republic), Vžigalica Galerija (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Academy of Fine Arts (Cincinnati, USA), School of the Art Institute (Chicago, USA), Italian Embassy (Brussels, Belgium), Mart Museum (Rovereto, Italy), National Gallery of Umbria (Perugia, Italy), Galleria Civica (Modena, Italy), Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice, Italy), Palazzo Te (Mantua, Italy), Temple of Hadrian (Rome, Italy), 16th Art Quadriennale (Rome, Italy).

Gerald Straub
Gerald Straub is an applied cultural theorist/ artist/ curator/ cultural producer – focusing on the performative production of space.
His work interconnects spatial settings and site-specific behaviours – examining how certain real or staged situations relate to one another under various socio-political conditions. Performative interventions as artistic practice are applied in order to explore in/formal knowledge productions.
Lives and works again in Vienna.

Gerald Zahn
Gerald Zahn is a media and video artist currently based in Vienna / Austria. In his work he explores the phenomena of contemporary life and the aesthetic of the entertainment industry.  His work integrates different media and is often presented in a form of abstract collections, which focus on the detection of hidden, but prevalent standards. In many of his film and video installations, Gerald Zahn is using static photography rather than traditional film.
Exhibitions and Film Festivals (selection):
Kassel Dokfest (Germany), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany), KÖR (Austria), REDCAT contemporary arts center (USA), Cannes Court Métrage (France), Filmfest München (Germany), EMAF European Media Art Festival (Germany), Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis (Austria), MIR festival (Greece), Filmfestival Münster (Germany), Diagonale (Austria), VIS Vienna Shorts (Austria), BACC – Bangkok Art And Culture Centre (Thailand), ARTos Foundation (Cyprus), one take film festival (Croatia), Unerhört music film festival (Germany), das weisse haus (Austria), Schloss Wolkerdorf (Austria), mo.ë contemporary (Austria), basement (Austria), Rezeption Museums Quartier (Austria), eyes on (Austria), NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst (Austria), Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels (Austria), REHEAT Multidisziplinäres Festival (Austria), Camp (Greece), Renaissanceschloss Schallaburg (Austria), Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Italy), Defibrillator Gallery (USA), Crosstalk video art festival (Hungary), Künstlerhaus (Austria), about gallery (Greece), Poolbar Festival (Austria), Fluc (Austria), 3Sat Kulturzeit (TV 3Sat), Youki media festival (Austria), SÍM (Iceland)