Rita Lompen Gallery and >RAUMSTATION proudly organize Sine Van Menxel’s very first solo exhibition in Vienna at Schleifmühlgassse 1a

Welcome on Thursday the 22d of August from 17:00 for a drink on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition. A selection of new photographic works will be on view.

For Sine Van Menxel photography is about light and shadow. Working exclusively with black-and-white analogue photography, she encounters the problem of light and shadow twice: first, in the moment of shooting, second, when printing the final image in the darkroom. During both instances, she manifests a keen interest in the possibilities and limits of the photographic technique in terms of manipulation and reproduction. Generously accepting the lucky coincidences created by a ‘failing’ system, she questions the transparency of the photographic image, alerting the viewer to its technological origin. As such, her work is less about the subject immediately visible in her images, than about the visual possibilities created by exploiting and/or subverting the photographic method. It ensues from a sensitive alternation of action and surrender, of control and the loss of it.

The exhibition is the 3rd appointment of the >RAUMSTATION >GALLERYINRESIDENCE program in collaboration with Schleifmühlgassse 1a.

Sine Van Menxel
Schleifmühlgassse 1a
Opening Thursday the 22d of August from 17:00
Exhibition lasts 22 to 31 August

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